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August 23, 2021  

Civil Rights during the Covid Pandemic

In this episode, the panel discusses decisions made during the 2020 Covid shutdowns. How were the shutdowns handled in different states? Were civil rights adequately protected? Do civil rights deserve protection, even at the cost of public health? If so, which ones and when?

The article discussed was: John Curran, Jake Gardener, and Jeffery Ding, Covid-19 and the Constitution: How the Bill of Rights is Being Tested by the Coronavirus, N.Y.L.J. (May 29, 2020, online).

Host: Schenley Kent

Panel: Tony Fernando, Seth Trott, Jo Ann Fernando

Audio: Mohammed Saleem

Producer: Tony Fernando

August 9, 2021  

The Limits of Limitariansim

Should the amount of wealth a person can acquire be limited? Does wealth translate into political power? If so, does wealth inequality affect whether a society should be considered a democracy? Does inequality in access to justice affect the character of a society? What is justice anyway? And is the political philosophy of limitarianism the way to find justice? 

The paper discussed was: Ingrid Robeyns, Having Too Much, 58 NOMOS: AM. Soc'y POL. LEGAL PHIL. 1 (2017).

Host: Vishal Bajpai

Panel: Seth Trott, Jo Ann Fernando, Tony Fernando

Audio: Mohammed Saleem

Producer: Tony Fernando

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