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February 15, 2021  

Hot Coffee For Law Day

Professor Michael Mogill joins the panel to discuss how he used Liebeck v. McDonald's Restaurants, the famous 'hot coffee' case, at a Law Day presentation to explain how the jury system works. Other topics discussed include how to teach legal concepts to various non-lawyer/non-law student audiences ranging from children to senior citizens and challenges of teaching law in the time of COVID. 

Article: Michael A. Mogill, Teaching Law Day: A Senior Moment, 1 Stetson J. Advocacy & L. 34 (2014).

Guest: Michael Mogill

Host: Seth Trott

Panel: Schenley Kent, Jo Ann Fernando, Courtney Buechler, Nicole Signer, Tony Fernando

Audio: Mohammed Saleem

Producer: Tony Fernando

February 1, 2021  

Fortnite, the NFL, Dancing, and Copyright

The panel discusses an article that raises a hypothetical, what claim for an NFL player whose endzone dance is copied by a videogame. Join us for a wide ranging discussion that encompasses the constitution, TikTok, motivations for creative people, and more!

The article that was discussed was: Alex Avakiantz, Stealing Swagger: NFL End Zone Celebrations and Fortnite's Fortune,
94 Wash. L. REV. 453 (2019).

Host: Tony Fernando

Panel: Courtney Buechler, Seth Trott, Jo Ann Fernando

Audio: Mohammed Saleem

Producer: Tony Fernando

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