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September 6, 2021  

Processes in Law School Which Affect Law Students and Lawyers

September 6, 2021

Professor Kathryne Young from UMass-Amherst is conducting a longitudinal study of law students and mental health. The first paper from that effort was published earlier this year. In this episode, our panel visits with Professor Young to discuss her research. How does a lawyer's professional identity develop? We revisit the question of curved grades and the incentives they create. Who speaks up in class, and can the answer to that question affect the learning of other students? Also, our first question from a listener!

This episode is the first of a 2-part mini-series discussing law school and the law student experience.

The paper discussed was: Kathryne Young, Understanding the Social and Cognitive Processes in Law School that Create Unhealthy Lawyers, 89 Fordham L. Rev. 2575 (2021).

Guest: Kathryne Young

Host: Schenley Kent

Panel: Tony Fernando, Courtney Buechler, Seth Trott

Audio: Mohammed Saleem

Producer: Tony Fernando